Who We Are




Who We Are

Experience design is at the core of every fact of our company. It allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality no matter how big or small our projects are
Our methodology involves a mixture of in-depth research, scouting and quality assurance. We specialize in creating comprehensive experiences for a wide varity of clients and institutions. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of travel psycology and our in-depth destination research, which means we can ensure every single detail of our experiences cater directly to our client’s peace of mind.
TTP works regularly with a wide range of clients, from large government entities to small businesses on project or retainer contract bases. We offer advisory, project management, and vip guest management services.




Taking all the elements into consideration from weather conditions to travel time and comfort level


The sociology of the destination in relation to the travelers (ie understanding cultural sensitivities) from local customs to social norms


The traveler’s state of mind at the time of the journey


The interplay between individuals and their surroundings



Our ethos is to give back to the communities in which we operate. TTP’s philosophy aims to create a community of explorers who wish to see the world from a different perspective. We believe that the highest levels of luxury can be achieved without negatively affecting the environment. With this in mind, we create experiences that will not detract from future generations’ ability to enjoy the beauty of these destinations. Our goal is to continually reduce the environmental footprint of our TTP experiences, while educating our members on more eco-friendly methods of travel and leisure.
In line with our ethos, we strive to identify artisanal craftsmen and local businesses to cooperate with across the globe, in order to support and positively contribute to the local economies that we operate within. We incorporate exploratory trips that bring our members directly in touch with local vendors, encouraging opportunities to positively impact the livelihood of hardworking individuals that would otherwise not have access to such prospects

The Look Up!


The key to leaving a lasting impression is engaging the traveler with no technological distractions.
In the age of social media, we’ve become addicted to seeing the world through in the age of social media, we’ve become addicted toour phones. People have such an inherent fear of missing the moment that their phone has become a barrier between them and the world around them.
A large part of our philosophy at ttpanther is to remove that barrier and give you the freedom to fully immerse yourself in photographers journeys, we the and leave experience. By videographers the burden of providing throughout capturing local our those instagrammable moments to them, which allows you the opportunity to enjoy the experience without distractions.
Don’t look through, LOOK UP!