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    Farm Experience & Breakfast*  
    8:30 AM
    Madrasat AlDeera tour
    10:30 AM

    Famous for its wealth of cultural and archaeological sites, Al Ula has become an absolute highlight of any visitor to the Kingdom. The lush oasis sits at the heart of a range of mountains and rocky cliffs.

    The region is embracing its past by showcasing the ancient Nabatean, Lihyanite and Dadanite ruins dotting the landscape. There are also constant rotating installations by local and internationalartists throughout the season.

    Tour of Abu Raed Museum
    12:00 PM
    Artist Lunch w/Ahmad AlMahker
    1:00 PM
    Madakheel or Arch Rock sunset viewing
    4:00 PM
    Rest and dinner at hotel
    6:30 PM